Culture Festival : Gathapraya

On September 30, 2017, i attended SMAN 3 Culture Festival called Gathapraya. Gathapraya is one of my school's event that held by Intra-School Students Organization. Gathapraya was taken by two word, means hope for the future. It tooked different concept from the other art performing because it more showcased Indonesian traditional and modern culture, such as traditional games, traditional music instruments, murals, marbling, and the others. So, in this blog i will tell you about my experience at Gathapraya.

      Festival started at 8am on Lapangan Saparua. A 10th grader, except committee, must attend this festival. I wear kebaya outfit for this festival. Every class, from X1-XIPS must have one pair of student to be a mascot. Two of my friends, Renna and Fadlan, choosed as the mascot of my class to wear Central Java traditional clothes. They had to do fashion show.
      We gathered on the center of Lapangan Saparua before start the festival. After that, MC told us about the…

Holiday Plan

A long weekend is coming. Faza and Nadhira are talking about their holiday plans.

Faza : "Nad, do you have any plans what are you going to do in a long weekend soon?"
Nadhira : "I think i might do culinary tour in Bandung."
Faza : "Wow, thats a great idea! What kind of restaurant you will come to?"
Nadhira : "I might come to Pizza Hut, Sweet Belly, Upnormal, and many more."
Faza : "That's interesting!"
Nadhira : "Sure! How about you, Faz? Do you have any plans?"
Faza : "I don't have any idea yet. I think i'll spend my holiday at home."
Nadhira : "Stay at home? well, you could do something more interesting!"
Faza : "Hmm, let me think. If i'm not wrong, the BTS concert will be held on the long weekend! I think i would to watch them at the concert."
Nadhira : "Right! but the concert will be held on Singapore, do you want to go there?"
Faza : "If my parents allows me, i…


A few months ago, me and my friends went to the jungle. We went there because of school program. It's called "Pengembaraan". We stayed there for 3 days. This program intended to train student to be independent and responsible. We were divided into 10 groups, each group consist of 7 people.
     On first day, we assembled in school first. Our headmaster do the opening there. After that we directed to get in to the huge car because we must go immediately. The car is load of 32 people.
      As we arrived, we directed to assembled again. We must listen the rules that teacher given.
The rules are :

We have to stay together in one groupsWe have to care each other, even less there is person who get sickTo get to camping's tent, we must scrolling through the jungle by following the sign that teachers provide in every parts of jungle. Do not litterDo not bring any communication tool, especially smartphone. (for whom that bring smartphone should give it to the teacher)  …

First Meeting in School

Rules in English Class:
1. Be punctual
2. No food or beverage
3. No cheating or copypaste
4. Don't turn on the computer before allowed.
5. Don't open another website, except Quipper, Generation Global, and Blogger.

Sekar and Faza meet for the first time in the canteen. Sekar thinks that she has meet Faza before.

Sekar    : "I'm sorry, do we know each other?"
Faza      : "Hmm, i think i have seen you before."
Sekar    : "Right! I'm Sekar. What's your name?"
Faza      : "My name is Faza. Were you a student of Istiqamah Elementary School? because i think i've seen you there."
Sekar    : "No, i wasn't. i think we've met in a couse or something!"
Faza      : "Well. I was in Tridaya Course."
Sekar    : "And that's where we met! i was in Tridaya Course too."
Faza      : "Ooh.. i never expect that we are in the same school now!"
Sekar    : "Me too. It's really nice to s…


Hi, welcome to my first page.

My name is Putri Faza Fadillah. You can called me Faza. I was born in Bandung, 15th April 2002. Now, i am 15 years old. I live with my family in Bandung. My father's name is Efrizal and my mother's name is Tri Desiana. I have 2 cousins, they're Fahmi and Firra. I'm the oldest of my family.

I have many hobbies. My hobbies are singing, eating, listening music, handwriting, and many more. I also love to spending time with my friends. I think that's a hobby too, i guess. I have favorite foods, rendang and martabak. I love everything's spicy. Another favorites, my favorite animal is cat. I love cat so much, but my parents didn't allow me to care a cat.

Now, I want to tell you about my school. i was a student in Istiqamah ES and Salman Al Farisi JHS. Now, i'm a student of SMAN 3 Bandung. It is a pride for me to get there because SMAN 3 is one of the greatest school in Bandung. I like math and science subjects. That's why i wa…